Great Western Railway Coaches

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Illustrated here are GWR coach liveries as applied to Dean era coaches until 1939. The upper coach is a shortened E40 low roof brake composite with 2 third class compartments cut out. The middle coach is a T9 brake second that was originally built for the London suburban services. The bottom coach is a T51 brake third with combined central luggage and guard area. Originally built on a broad gauge chassis, it was converted to standard guage in 1892 when it was also renumbered 2020.

The widths of the various lines are to scale with dimensions rounded to the nearest 1/8”. On a PC use Crtl+’-‘ and Crtl+’+’ to zoom out and in to view the detail or get an overall impression.



The 1904 livery was the most complex of the GWR coach liveries. The lower half of the coach was Windsor Brown and the upper part Cream. All of the rasied mouldings were painted black. The brown panel mouldings were lined gold whilst the upper panel mouldings were lined gold with a black inner line. The cream panel has a very thin brown line just on the inside of the panel. Coaches with a first class compartment had the GWR Garter and supporters in the lower panels, whilst other coaches had two entined GWR mongrams.



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