Great Western Railway Collett Coaches

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The 1935 Centenary stock is probably the most well known of all GWR coaches.   Built to celebrate the 100th birthday of the GWR, they exploited extra large loading gauge of the main lines.   They were sumptuous inside and impressive outside.   Yet for all their fame there were only 26 coaches built in July 1935 to operate the Cornish Riviera Limited.   Outside they were almost copies of the Super Saloons yet inside they were a normal train with larger than normal compartments.   Unlike the Super Saloons there were a full complement of designs for first and third class passengers, restaurant cars and van thirds with large luggage spaces.   The coaches featured large square cornered picture windows.   The some of the corridor windows had a ⅓ height sliding pane above the fixed pane for ventilation.   But the compartment windows were opened by winding a handle that lowering the whole pane.   These windows did not last long.   Starting in about 1938 they were gradually replaced with a fixed pane in a metal frame with sliding pane above similar to the corridor side.
Width over cornices 9' 1⅛
Width over body at waist 9' 7
Height to gutters 10' 6½
Height to top of roof 12' 5⅜
Height over ventilators 12' 11
Length over sides 60' 0
Length over bow ends 61' 4½
Wheelbase 53' 6

Diagram Dimensions
Length x Width


7 compartment corridor third
2 lavatories.

9' bogies 6 built in 1935 4581 to 4586
C67 No. 4582 © GWR
All were condemned between 1962 and 1963.

2 compartment corridor brake van third
1 lavatory.

9' bogies 6 built in 1935 4575 to 4580
D120 with part of E149 nearest, H43 and H44 beyond @ Penzance, R Spratt collection
All were condemned between 1962 and 1963.

7 compartment corridor composite
1 lavatory.

4 first class and 3 third class compartments

9' bogies 4 built in 1935 6658 to 6661 All were condemned between 1962 and 1965.

5 compartment corridor brake composite
2 lavatories.

9' bogies 6 built in 1935 6650 to 6656 All were condemned between 1962 and 1963.

First Diner
Pantry, Kitchen, 4 tables seating 4 and 4 tables seating 2

9' bogies 2 built in 1935 9635 & 9636 Both were condemned in 1962.

Third Diner
16 tables seating 4.

9' bogies 2 built in 1935 9637 & 9638 Both were condemned between 1962 and 1963.

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