Great Western Railway Collett Coaches

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For many years the number of passengers arriving at Plymouth from America on an Ocean Liner and wanting a fast train to London had increased. Initially the GWR had run specials as required. Then in 1929 they started a contract with Pullman to operate a set of Pullman coaches. This only lasted until late 1931 when the GWR introduced their own coaches which became known as the Super Saloons. Collett exploited extra large loading gauge of the line bewtween Plymouth Docks and Paddington and built his biggest 60' coaches ever. They were slightly bigger than the 1929 Cornish Riviera stock and looked so similar to the dining cars with their recessed ends doors. The eight coaches were built with a lavatory and luggage rack at each end, a coupe compartment for 4, a large saloon seating 17 and a smaller saloon seating upto 10. Each table looked out through a large picture window, half of them fitted with small sliding ventilators at the top. Oppulence way the keyword throughout mirroring the Pullman style and this was reflected by giving them the names of the Royal Family. For the first few years they ran with adjoining kitchen cars, but in 1935 two were converted to have their own kitchen. In 1947 the coaches were refurbished and larger ventilators were fitted to the windows. Even in BR days when the demand of cross atlantic travellers was lesser it wasn't unknown to run a train of 4 Super Saloons sandwiching a H54 Kitchen Car.
Width over cornices 9' 2
Width over body at waist 9' 7
Height to gutters 10' 8¼
Height to top of roof 12' 6¾
Height over ventilators 13' 1¼
Length over sides 60' 0
Length over bow ends 61' 4½
Wheelbase 53' 6

Diagram Dimensions
Length x Width


First Saloon
Two saloons, a coupe compartment
2 lavatories.

9' bogies 2 built in 1931/2 9111 King George
9112 Queen Mary
Condemned in 1967.

First Saloon
Two saloons, a coupe compartment
2 lavatories.

9' bogies 6 built in 1931/2 9113 Prince of Wales
9114 Duke of York
9115 Duke of Gloucester
9116 Duchess of York
9117 Princess Royal
9118 Princess Elizabeth

G61 No.9113 Prince of Wales at Bridgnorth 1972 © CL Caddy

G61 No.9118 Princess elizabeth at Plymouth Millbay © HMRS AEL131

9117 & 9118 converted to H45

All were condemned between 1965 and 1968.


Dining First Saloon
Two saloons and kitchen
1 lavatory.

9' bogies 2 converted in 1935 from G61 9117 Princess Royal
9118 Princess Elizabeth
Condemned in 1965 and 1966 respectively.

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