Great Western Railway Dean Era Coaches

Diagrams T62, U4, T34 or T36, T27, R2, S3, S9, S6, T38. R Spratt collection
Lewis Styles LA0MW, LE7N, LE7N, LA9N, LA9N, LA9N, LE7N, LA7TN, LA9N

Using the selection options at the bottom of the page select the body side style, roof type and compartment arrangements that correspond to the coach you are trying to identify. A new page will open with possible coach designs.

For the purposes of just these identification pages a coach with double doors is considered to potentially have a brake compartment.

If you identifying a brake coach that has had the luggage area increased by incorporating some compartment(s) and the windows are still windows (ie a 'bastard' conversion) then answer the questions as if it still has all of its original compartments.

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